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So, why buy handmade, you may wonder?
It’s more sincere…more meaningful… to treat yourself or loved one (or family member, best friend, kindred spirit, bosom buddy, chum, sidekick, crony, classmate, workmate, ally, associate, main man, main lady, mate, buddy, bud, amigo, compadre, homeboy, or homegirl) to something that was imagined and brought into tangible form by your fellow human being. It can make one feel uplifted knowing that s/he is supporting an individual’s skills and craftsmanship directly. It’s more personable to contribute and re-connect to a culture where thoughtful decisions are often made to upcycle, repurpose and reconstruct items that defy the mass production and box-chain mentalities.
Please consider buying handmade for yourself and the peeps in your life, and request that they do the same for you!

Please keep in mind that most items one-of-a-kind (OOAK) and that there may be slight variations in the product you recieve and the product shown in the image.